Dear Parents, 

As we move past more than a decade of our Operations, it is a reflective time for all of us.  We have been part of important milestones, and seen many of our students grow and thrive.  Increasingly, we are starting to see how our initial mission - “Changing Lives, Touching Futures”  truly coming to fruition with many of your personal letters sent to us. We thank the parents and referrers from schools, psychologists and paediatricians who have for so many years, entrusted this important brain and mind building mission to us. 


We are cognizant of the fact that while scientific journal articles inform us in our understanding of medical and neurological conditions, our faith push us to seek greater achievement.  We continue to set our bar high in terms of expectations of our clients’ and what they can achieve.  We ask that parents do the same, as we seek to empower them through training and information.  We thank God every day for the honour of being placed in such a privileged role as therapist, mentor, guide.  A role in which we will hold and cherish with tremendous awe – knowing that every child is so precious in His sight.


Prudence Low

Clinical Director
Speech Language Pathologist

Every child has an individualized approach to help them achieve all areas of learning and effective communication.




What kind of challenges will my child face?

Is your child ready for school?

Learning within the mainstream curriculum may not always be the best immediate choice for your child. For students who aren't coping, we provide both partial and full-day programmes to support their transition to formal schooling. The School Readiness Program is in tandem with the child's grade level syllabus and is suitable for children ages 3 - 19 years.

In the past, we have successfully ensured the transition back into the mainstream setting after intensive upskilling of the necessary school-readiness skills that children require. Many students have been facilitated to join or return to mainstream school after careful consideration of their support and close liaison with their educators. We work closely with several international and local schools in Singapore.

Guidelines for observing your child

Children vary a great deal in what they learn to do and when they learn. Here are some general guidelines when observing your child and how you can identify the early signs of delay.


"I  must thank you for all the high quality help rendered to WB. There were significant improvements in him under your guidance. He talks, teases, discuss and argue a lot more coherent now 😀 "

- WB's dad