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Best Clinical Speech Therapy, Occupational Therapy and Developmental Therapy Center in Singapore | Best programmes in Singapore for kids


Top-notch Enrichment Center in Singapore, Where Learning Flourishes: Specialized Play as a Medium Based Therapy for Children

Speaking Practice by best Speech Therapy in Singapore for kids of all ages. Connect with Total Communication for Speech, stuttering, stammering, fluency, langauge delays and other speech related disorders.


Language Difficulties

Speech Difficulties

Stuttering Therapy

Behaviour Issues

Voice   Disorders

Communication Disorders

Stammering Issues

Swallowing Difficulties

Fluency Disorders

Literacy Difficulties

Maths Difficulties


Learning Delay

School Curriculum

Social Thinking

Emotional Regulation

Cognitive Learning

Beyond Tuitions

Are you look for Tuition in Singapore? Do not go that road. Maybe your child needs Educational Therapy. We offer best educational therapy to kids that faces learning based challenges


Child Psycholgist


Psychoeducational Assessment

Child Development

Adolescent Development

School Support

Parent Support

Systemic Work

IQ Testing

Relationship Building

Social-emotional Development

About Section
Total Communication Therapy Center also offers Develomental Therapy in Center in Singapore, and Tele therapy across the globe. We also offer bilingual therapy


In addition to our best in-clinic speech therapy and educational therapy services in Singapore, we provide a range of comprehensive therapies, including occupational therapy, developmental therapy, bilingual therapy, and teletherapy. Our approach is grounded in engagement, evidence-based practices, and play as a medium, creating a conducive environment for skill development. Leveraging over 2 decades of expertise, we are committed to crafting individualized plans to facilitate optimal learning outcomes.

Teletherapy by Singaporean across Asia. Connect with Total Communication for Teletherapy | Charlotte


Explore a world of educational enrichment with our fun-filled programmes and activities in Singapore. From the top-notch School Readiness Programme to the Mustard Seed programme and seasonal programmes aligned with your child's school curriculum, our diverse range caters to every child's learning journey. Collaborating with international and local schools, we specialize in tailored programmes. Our dynamic approach employs a variety of techniques, ensuring optimal skill development for each child.


Join our exclusive Learn to Play Workshop in 2024, featuring esteemed presenters from Australia, including the developer of the Learn to Play program. Tailored for teachers and therapists, this enriching event offers insights, strategies, and hands-on experiences to enhance your skills.


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Learn to play speaker and developer, Prof. Karen Stagnitti

Prof. Karen Stagnitti

  • Emeritus Professor

  • Developer of Learn to Play Therapy

Dr. Siobhan Casey | Pediatric Occupational Therapist & Play Therapist

Dr. Siobhan Casey 

  • Pediatric Occupational Therapist

  • Play Therapist

Our Case Studies

Case studies of Total Communication helping children with special needs grow

Explore heartwarming case studies that share the incredible journeys of children overcoming challenges and achieving remarkable milestones. These stories, narrated by parents, highlight the resilience and progress of each child. Witness the inspiring moments of growth and success as families share their personal experiences and celebrate the achievements of their children.

What kind of challenges will my child face?

Guidelines for Observing Your Child

Children vary a great deal in what they learn to do and when they learn. Here are some general guidelines when observing your child and how you can identify the early signs of delay.

Is your child ready for school?

Learning within the mainstream curriculum may not always be the best immediate choice for your child. For students who aren't coping, we provide both partial and full-day programmes to support their transition to formal schooling. The School Readiness Program is in tandem with the child's grade level syllabus and is suitable for children ages 3 - 19 years.

In the past, we have successfully ensured the transition back into the mainstream setting after intensive upskilling of the necessary school-readiness skills that children require. Many students have been facilitated to join or return to mainstream school after careful consideration of their support and close liaison with their educators. We work closely with several international and local schools in Singapore.

We have worked with
International and
Local Schools


Candian International School

Australian International School






ISS International School


"I  must thank you for all the high quality help rendered to WB. There were significant improvements in him under your guidance. He talks, teases, discuss and argue a lot more coherent now 😀 "

- WB's dad

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