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Child Psycholgist

Educational Psychology

Educational psychology offers support to kids and teens dealing with social or educational obstacles. By applying theories and research they aim to improve the social welfare of young people.

Who are Educational Psychologists?

Educational Psychologists (EPs) are compassionate professionals who bring together their expertise in education and profound psychological understanding. We deeply grasp the ways children and young people learn, reason, and interact, aiming to uplift individuals in educational environments to achieve their utmost potential.

Our Unique Approach

We offer our services to individuals, groups, classes, and even entire school communities. Whether we're assisting a single student or tackling larger educational issues, we customize our approach to suit the specific needs of each situation.


Comprehensive Assessment


Collaborative Approach


Child-centered approach

Psychologist for Children


Strength-based psychology


Holistic Consideration


Innovative Techniques

What do we do?

Video Interaction Guidance (VIG) services 

Video Interaction Guidance (VIG) is a transformative method that utilizes video feedback to empower individuals or groups to enhance their communication, interaction, and relationship abilities.

The Core Principle of the VIG Approach

Video Interaction GuidanceTM (VIG) promotes positivity, empowerment, and collaboration in healthcare, education, and social services. It prioritizes active client engagement, fostering self-discovery at the client's pace, grounded in principles of equity and respect.

Applicability, Ownership, and Confidentiality

VIG provides valuable support to parents, carers, and professionals working with children. Typically spanning 3 sessions which lasts an hour, it allows for meaningful exploration and tailored strategy implementation. Videos belong to clients, with secure copies held by practitioners under strict confidentiality, ensuring ownership and agency.

Overview and Reason to Choose VIG

VIG offers a compelling choice with its strong theoretical foundations, proven efficacy, and robust empirical evidence. The process begins with collaborative agreement, followed by insightful video recordings edited for focused reflection, leading to the identification of strengths and strategies.

VIG for Parents, Carers, and Professionals

VIG offers invaluable support for parents and carers, fostering self-confidence and facilitating deeper connections with their children. Despite initial apprehensions, clients often find the video reflection process enlightening and empowering. Additionally, VIG enhances professionals' interaction and communication skills when working with children, contributing to teaching or clinical practice development through various means.



Why Choose us?

Our Educational Psychologist brings over 9 years of combined experience in psychology and education, specializing in working with children and young adults.



We Educational Psychologist works closely with parents, educators, and other professionals to achieve the best outcomes for children.


Holistic Approach

By considering the interplay of home, school, and community factors, we provide comprehensive support that addresses the whole child. Our interventions are grounded in the latest research and proven methodologies, ensuring the most effective outcomes for your child.

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Learn more about our educational psychology and how we can support your child's educational journey. 

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