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What is Total Communication Therapy Center? Learn more about them


Our team is composed of Speech-Language Pathologists, Occupational Therapists, and Educational Therapists from reputable universities of various countries, sharing their diverse and collective gifts and skills to provide the highest level of service.


We are devoted to giving the best care for your child whether it is in the area of language, communication, cognition, gross/fine motor skills, socio-emotional development, academic performance, and adaptive skills. Our experience has given us familiarity with the different demands of both International and Singaporean school settings and families.

The Practice was started formally in 2006 with a sole practitioner at Camden Medical Centre. The practice moved in 2007 to Rochester Park, Body with Soul Healthcare, sharing clinic space with a group of different private practitioners. It wasn’t long before our caseload expanded to such an extent that it warranted a full-scale expansion.


By the time we moved in 2009, our caseload had evolved to consist of a high percentage of school-aged children with language learning needs. Today, we continue to strive towards real collaboration with our colleagues in maximizing the potential of those who come under our care. Our mission statement serves as a constant reminder of why we set up this practice in the first place.



To build a team of passionate, creative and excellent clinicians with Godly principles who can effect real neurological, and quality of life impact on every student sent our way.

To steward individual clinicians so that they push for greater boundaries of change.  Clinicians should recognise that many barriers to a child’s growth and development are completely man-made.

For every individual clinician’s skills and talents to be discovered and developed to maximum capacity as we sow the seeds that help one discover life’s and God’s purpose.


Director's Message

Director's Message

Dear Parents, 

As we move past more than a decade of our Operations, it is a reflective time for all of us. We have been part of important milestones and seen many of our students grow and thrive.  Increasingly, we are starting to see how our initial mission - “Changing Lives, Touching Futures”  truly coming to fruition with many of your personal letters sent to us. We thank the parents and referrers from schools, psychologists and paediatricians who have for so many years, entrusted this important brain and mind-building mission to us. 


We are cognizant of the fact that while scientific journal articles inform us in our understanding of medical and neurological conditions, our faith pushes us to seek greater achievement.  We continue to set our bar high in terms of the expectations of our clients and what they can achieve.  We ask that parents do the same, as we seek to empower them through training and information.  We thank God every day for the honour of being placed in such a privileged role as therapist, mentor, and guide.  A role in which we will hold and cherish with tremendous awe – knowing that every child is so precious in His sight.

Meet Prudence Low - Clinical Director at Total Communiation - a speech therapy center in Singapore

Prudence Low

Clinical Director
Speech Language Pathologist

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