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The therapists are very engaging and provide good feedback to me. I am able to see results even though Yong Le only started the sessions a few weeks ago.

Yong Le's Mom


We have received teacher's feedback regarding his progress. He showed great improvements after having intensive therapy. I would like to say big thanks to all of you. 

Another good news is MS is the transit from Support into Main stream in current school, after agreements from the teacher's meeting. He is able to study under Mainstream with much less support from next term onwards at the same school.

We would like to continue the journey with all of you! 

Thank you for all of you to make it happen. 

MS' Mom


Ms Jacqui helped him develop social skills, better emotional regulation, improved his functions and made him look forward to weekly interactions. I would recommend Total Communication to a friend or family. 

Isaac's Mom, Mrs Ho


Another year passes of joy to reflect and let you know that you hold a special place in our hearts and thoughts. The impact you’ve had on our lives will never be forgotten.  You were instrumental in making Sam the person he is today and tomorrow!  It is from your dedication, commitment and passion that led Sam to maximize his true potential.  Sam was, for many reasons asked to do an assessment at school as he seems to be excelling beyond expectations.  To then understand from this that has an IQ of 134, considered gifted, we in many ways boil down to your efforts. 

Sam's Mom, Natasha P.


​My daughter Zoe has been going to lessons at Total Communication for just over a year. Over the course of this time, I have seen Zoe grow in confidence with her writing abilities and an increase in her level of understanding and use of complex language skills, something she previously struggled with. She felt very comfortable to share and seek help from the Therapist assigned to her. She would often bringing in pieces of work she had from school to discuss them together. Zoe learned vital skills like mind mapping which helped her to organise her thoughts and plan her work better. The therapist’s vast experience and knowledge in this field coupled with her friendly, helpful nature has really managed to draw Zoe out of her shell and enabled her to develop critical thinking skills and build up her self-confidence. I would have no hesitation in recommending Total Communication to anyone that may need help in this area.

Zoe’s Mom, Gail


I knew my now 3 year old son from the age of 18 months had an issue with his speech development and I had taken him for various assessments with no clear diagnosis. I commenced speech therapy at the age of 2 with a local SLP but was very unsatisfied with them on various fronts. After carrying out my own intense research I suspected Childhood Apraxia of Speech CAS and I visited Prudence who was confidently able to confirm a diagnosis. Anyone who has a child with CAS will know that research shows early diagnosis and intervention is critical. Whilst I was highly disappointed with all the other professionals lack of ability to see the markers of CAS in my son, this in hindsight has been a blessing. Prudence Is a talented therapist who, unlike many other providers, has amazing skills to engage my son in different and creative tasks during the session whilst remaining firm with him to ensure the goals are achieved. Prudence consistently makes the time to provide me with clear and concise feedback on his progress.”

Matt’s Mom, Summers


Kavan has been attending Total Communication for almost a year and a half now under Ms Prudence. He has shown so much improvement in his speech and social interaction. The therapists are so skilled and patient in their scaffolding and guiding of Kavan in his understanding of non-verbal cues and translating all these into constructive social interaction with his peers. I could see him gain confidence and become a more effective communicator with his peers in the playground and in social situations. I am heartened to see Kavan’s continued progress in Total Communication.”

Kavan’s Mom, Karyn


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