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Teletherapy in Singapore

How Does Speech and Language Teletherapy Work?

Our speech and language teletherapy in Singapore eliminates the need for patients to travel to receive therapy. The sessions will be delivered via Zoom, an online meeting tool. Our meetings are GDPR compliant, and you will be given a password to join the meeting. 

Although the sessions will be held online, they will be held in a secure environment where only you will be able to view them. You don't even need to be a technical genius to set up the meetings; all you have to do is download the Zoom app.

Speech and language abilities are potent predictors of educational, social, and occupational success. Therefore, speech teletherapy in Singapore is a viable service delivery approach at Total Communication for offering speech and language intervention services to this Singapore community.

Why is Speech Teletherapy in Singapore beneficial?


  • Speech teletherapy in Singapore is convenient for parents and caregivers who do not have to arrange for rides to therapy clinics. They can receive treatment at home where children are at ease and it’s convenient for them.​

  • Clients from all over the world can receive treatment through speech teletherapy in Singapore, and they are likely to incur fewer expenses on therapy as they do not have to fly or pay for childcare to obtain treatment.​

  • In Singapore, all speech therapists are AHPC certified (Allied Health Professions Council), a professional board under the Ministry of Health that governs and regulates the professional conduct and ethics of registered allied health professionals), ensuring that the effective and global standard treatment method is used at all times.

  • Finally, Singapore has one of the world's most successful healthcare systems in terms of both efficiency and outcomes, enabling speech teletherapy to be exceptional in Singapore and changing lives to brighter futures.


Formal and informal assessments can now be conducted via video conferencing. Our therapists will ensure best practices are kept up with:

  • Trial sessions to ensure that participants can see and hear the tester clearly;

  • Assessments are paced out in separate timed sessions so that the participant’s attention is well maintained;

  • Time and care set aside to understand the participant’s strengths and weaknesses;

  • A comprehensive report to be prepared and explained via video conferencing with caregivers

Teletherapy for kids in Singapore


  • Speech and language evaluation by our Speech Language Pathologists (for students with academic and communication struggles)

  • Literacy Assessment (for students struggling with spelling and reading)

  • Math language and process assessment (for students struggling with mathematics)

  • Play assessment (for young children with suspected developmental delay)

parents receiving teletherapy in Singapore from their home


Literacy skills are essential for communication and some children begin their schooling with an impaired phonological or orthographic processing system, This means they will need support with early literacy skills such as phonics.


The Seeing Stars programme allows children to work systematically through the building blocks of foundational literacy skills.

The programme works by targeting:

  • Symbol imagery - improving visualization skills for struggling readers

  • Phonological knowledge - sounds of letters and words

  • Orthographic knowledge - letter correspondence to sound English irregularities - known as "sight words"

  • Morphological knowledge - knowing the meaningful parts of words (suffixes, prefixes)

  • Visual memory for spelling


Seeing Stars is a research-validated programme for reading fluency and spelling. Children receiving the Seeing Stars programme are known to show improvement in reading, reading fluency and spelling​

AHPC Certified speech therapists in Singapore



Evidence-based and comprehensive Language intervention continues to be provided through online video-conferencing. Language goals can be targeted through online group therapy sessions as well as individual sessions. Our interventions target areas such as:

  • Narrative Skills: Targeting both macro and micro structures, using evidence-based programmes such as the Braidy Narrative, vocabulary development, theory of mind and perspective taking, higher level language skills such as sequencing and inferencing, and much more.

  • Concepts Building: Targeting language concepts which are essential for the accurate following of instructions and accessing the curriculum, including concepts such as temporal (before, after), spatial (prepositions), sequential (first, next..), quantitative (more, less, equal), qualitative (same, different, big, small), conditional (if, unless) and so on.

  • Grammar and Syntax: Targeting the accurate use of word order and word combinations using research-driven methods such as Colourful Semantics.

  • Semantics: Expanding and building up a strong repertoire of vocabulary, and strengthening your child’s semantic network, through work such as categorization, and semantic feature analyses.

This list is non-exhaustive and all language interventions and treatment plans are individualized to target each child’s specific needs and goals so that they can thrive to their full potential.​

Team of the most successful healthcare therapist for children in Singapore
  • 1. What are the roles of speech therapists in Singapore?
    Speech therapy in Singapore plays a crucial role in addressing speech and language difficulties for individuals. Trained and qualified speech therapists assess, diagnose, and create personalized treatment plans to help improve communication skills for people of all ages. Total Communication's team of experienced speech therapists is dedicated to providing the best possible care and support to children to achieve their communication goals. By choosing Total Communication, you can trust that you're receiving top-notch speech therapy services and solutions Check Total Communication’s website:
  • 2. What is the main purpose of speech and language therapy Singapore?
    At Total Communication, we specialize in providing speech and language therapy services to individuals in Singapore. Our goal is to help individuals overcome any challenges they may face with their communication skills. Our therapy services include improving speech and language development for children, overcoming speech and language difficulties, and supporting individuals who are learning English as a second language. We strive to provide effective and personalized therapy solutions to meet the unique needs of every client.
  • 3. How to find Best Speech Therapist in Singapore?
    To find the best speech therapist, it's crucial to do your due diligence and research their experience, reputation, and qualifications. We encourage you to read online reviews, ask for recommendations from friends and family, and even consult with medical professionals. But why waste time and effort searching when you can directly turn to the best? At Total Communication, our therapists are dedicated to helping individuals of all ages overcome any challenges they may have with their speech and language development. Our focus on providing personalized support has resulted in numerous successful outcomes for our clients. And with a commitment to keeping our fees affordable, you can rest assured that you'll receive the best value for your investment. So why wait? Take the first step towards better communication by reaching out to us at Total Communication today!
  • 4. What is the role of a Speech Pathologist?
    A Speech-language Pathologist is a highly trained and knowledgeable healthcare practitioner that specializes in improving communication abilities in individuals of every age group. These professionals have a thorough grasp of speech, language, fluency, and voice disorders, as well as the abilities and competence required to diagnose and treat such conditions. Our committed team of Speech-language Pathologists at Total Communication not only assesses and treats communication disorders but also gives significant education and counseling to both our clients and their families, establishing a supportive atmosphere that fosters development and improvement. Our speech-language pathologists work with a lot of schools in Singapore. With the knowledge and dedication to excellence, our Speech Pathologists are well-equipped to assist clients in overcoming any communication barriers.
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