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Autism Resource Centre

Aiming to be the best Autism Resource Centre in Singapore!

Our approaches are not just evidenced based. We bring the finest autism resources at our centre to deep dive into the causes of the condition and put together our goals for the child or student with the most up-to-date findings; blending research findings into clinical practice.  You’d think it’s a given with the proliferation of information out there that nothing is a secret anymore. It may surprise you to know that there are so many long-standing myths of autism spectrum disorder that have not altogether been debunked. These include:

  • Children and adults with autism spectrum disorder have poor eye contact;

  • There is a window of opportunity for intervention in young children, after which you would have missed the boat and it is too late to help someone with autism thrive;

  • Autism is a mental health disorder;

  • Individuals with autism are often gifted or can be highly proficient in one specific thing;

  • Individuals with autism would have great difficulty forming relationships

  • Individuals with autism spectrum disorder will be needing a high level / low level of support for the rest of their lives

       And more.


Of lesser known to the public is a plethora of studies that have pointed out that:

  • The sense of self is often impaired in those with autism spectrum disorder

  • It is important to help parents build Episodic Memory in children with an autism spectrum disorder. We are, after all, a summation of our Episodic Memory.

  • Autism spectrum disorder is a breakdown in the ability to process information, whether it’s in non-verbal skills, facial expressions, voice pitch, prosody, and stresses;

  • Slowing down the pace of life and doing what is really helping the child to continually process information would be the priority to help them make connections;

  • The brain has great plasticity to change.

  • 1. What are the roles of speech therapists in Singapore?
    Speech therapy in Singapore plays a crucial role in addressing speech and language difficulties for individuals. Trained and qualified speech therapists assess, diagnose, and create personalized treatment plans to help improve communication skills for people of all ages. Total Communication's team of experienced speech therapists is dedicated to providing the best possible care and support to children to achieve their communication goals. By choosing Total Communication, you can trust that you're receiving top-notch speech therapy services and solutions Check Total Communication’s website:
  • 2. What is the main purpose of speech and language therapy Singapore?
    At Total Communication, we specialize in providing speech and language therapy services to individuals in Singapore. Our goal is to help individuals overcome any challenges they may face with their communication skills. Our therapy services include improving speech and language development for children, overcoming speech and language difficulties, and supporting individuals who are learning English as a second language. We strive to provide effective and personalized therapy solutions to meet the unique needs of every client.
  • 3. How to find Best Speech Therapist in Singapore?
    To find the best speech therapist, it's crucial to do your due diligence and research their experience, reputation, and qualifications. We encourage you to read online reviews, ask for recommendations from friends and family, and even consult with medical professionals. But why waste time and effort searching when you can directly turn to the best? At Total Communication, our therapists are dedicated to helping individuals of all ages overcome any challenges they may have with their speech and language development. Our focus on providing personalized support has resulted in numerous successful outcomes for our clients. And with a commitment to keeping our fees affordable, you can rest assured that you'll receive the best value for your investment. So why wait? Take the first step towards better communication by reaching out to us at Total Communication today!
  • 4. What is the role of a Speech Pathologist?
    A Speech-language Pathologist is a highly trained and knowledgeable healthcare practitioner that specializes in improving communication abilities in individuals of every age group. These professionals have a thorough grasp of speech, language, fluency, and voice disorders, as well as the abilities and competence required to diagnose and treat such conditions. Our committed team of Speech-language Pathologists at Total Communication not only assesses and treats communication disorders but also gives significant education and counseling to both our clients and their families, establishing a supportive atmosphere that fosters development and improvement. Our speech-language pathologists work with a lot of schools in Singapore. With the knowledge and dedication to excellence, our Speech Pathologists are well-equipped to assist clients in overcoming any communication barriers.
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