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In-Bird's View:


Therapists: TBA, 2024

Teachers: TBA, 2024

Engaging Methods

  • Integration of direct teaching, group activities, videos, and case studies.

  • Practical activities for hands-on learning.

  • Group discussion and participation.


SGD 1400

for 2-day Workshop

Program Highlights

  • Immersive experience in a 2-day format.

  • Grounded in evidence for effective outcomes.

  • Community building with like-minded professionals.


20% Discount

Early Bird, Groupon for groups of 4+, and SALT/SAOTS 

Focus Areas

  • Understand, assess, and nurture play abilities in children.

  • Gain vital skills in language, narrative, social awareness, cognitive processing, and self-regulation.


Evidence-based; research backed from peer-reviewed sources.


  • First step toward becoming a Certified Learn to Play Therapist/Practitioner.

  • Orange stream certification (for therapists)

  • Green stream certification (for teachers)

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  • Avail a special 20% Early Bid Discount! 

  • Groups of 4 or more participants also qualify for a 20% discount.

  • SALT and SAOTS are eligible for a 20% discount.

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Dates: TBA

Immerse yourself in a transformative learning experience crafted for Speech-Language Therapists, Occupational Therapists, Special Educators, Early Childhood Interventionists, and Mental Health Professionals. Explore therapeutic play strategies to enhance your professional toolkit and elevate your practice.

Teacher and Class


Dates: TBA

Discover a unique space designed for preschool teachers, Shadow Teachers, Learning Support Heads, and Principals. Unlock innovative teaching strategies and gain insights into incorporating therapeutic play in educational settings. Elevate your approach to nurturing the potential of every child in your care.


Prof. Karen Stagnitti
Dr. Siobhan Casey | Occupational Therapist | Learn to Play Expert
Former speaker of Learn to Play Therapy in Singapore - Belinda Dean

Professor Karen Stagnitti

Emeritus Professor | Developer of Learn to Play Therapy

Presenter for 2019, 2022, 2024

Renowned for over 40 years, Emeritus Professor Karen Stagnitti is the visionary behind Learn to Play Therapy and four groundbreaking play assessments. A trailblazer in child development, Karen's journey began with a Bachelor of Occupational Therapy in the 1970s, followed by a transformative doctoral study at LaTrobe University in 2002. With a wealth of experience in community-based early childhood services and a distinguished teaching and research career at Queensland University and Deakin University, Karen's impact is immeasurable. Her pioneering work, highlighted by the development of the Child-Initiated Pretend Play Assessment, has culminated in the evolution of Learn to Play Therapy. With an extensive portfolio of 116 published journal articles, 33 book chapters (with one awaiting publication), and 9 active books, Karen Stagnitti continues to shape the landscape of child therapy and play interventions.​

Prof. Karen Stagnitti | Learn to play developer for learn to play workshop in singapore
Dr. Siobhan Casey | Learn to play workshop speaker in Singapore

Dr. Siobhan Casey 

Pediatric Occupational Therapist & Play Therapist

Presenter for Learn to Play for Teachers 2024

Meet Dr. Siobhan Casey, an expert paediatric occupational and play therapist with 18 years of dedicated experience. Holding a Master's qualification in play therapy, she earned her Ph.D. in 2018 under the guidance of Emeritus Prof. Karen Stagnitti. Dr. Casey's profound research delves into the intricacies of pretend play and self-regulation, focusing on enhancing resilience in neurodivergent children engaged in Learn To Play. A sought-after speaker at national and international conferences, she brings her wealth of knowledge to diverse audiences. Driven by a passion for positive social and emotional wellbeing, she has made impactful contributions in early intervention, private practice, and mainstream and specialist development schools. Co-author of 'Learning Through Play in the Primary School,' Dr. Casey continues her mission to explore the pivotal role of play in supporting holistic child development and fostering positive relationships.

Belinda Dean

Registered Nurse | Play Therapist | Lecturer in Child Play Therapy

Presenter for 2019, 2021

Belinda Dean is a qualified Registered Nurse, Play Therapist, Lecturer in Child Play Therapy and PhD Candidate at Deakin University. She has over 20 years of experience with a focus on Child and Adolescent Health & Development, Mental Health, and Community and Family Health. She also has focused research and presented nationally on Storying Beyond Social Difficulties with Neuro-Diverse Adolescents.


Belinda is the co-founder of Light Heart Publishing and Play-Based Learning Pte Ltd. Belinda is passionate about play-based models to promote early intervention of biopsychosocial health through play therapy. Belinda's main areas of research are play-based social skill programs to support neuro-diverse adolescents and integrating therapeutic play into nursing and allied health practice.

Belinda Dean | Registered Nurse and Play therapist


Embark on a transformative journey towards becoming a certified Learn to Play Therapist with our Orange Stream certification. The 2-day therapist workshop is a key component of Part 1 training in the certification process. Elevate your therapeutic expertise, contribute to the well-being of children, and progress in your professional journey.

How it Works:

  1. Participate in the 2-day Learn to Play Therapist Workshop.

  2. Acquire essential skills aligned with the Orange Stream certification.

  3. Engage with the Learn to Play Framework and contribute to play-based interventions.

  4. Register your interest by filling out the form and advance your certification process.

Stay tuned for updates on this exciting certification opportunity in 2024.


Veronica Limardo

"Karen's Learn to Play programme greatly complements the gap in my work on problem-solving and knowing how object properties can contribute nicely in play."

Siti Juliana

"It was an eye-opening experience to the details of the different levels of play. It will help me to introduce, advocate and integrate play for my clinical work."

Linda Chua

"Play skills is something that my centre looks out for and it is an important part of development for a child. Therefore, it is good that i can learn about play."

Emma-Kate Corby

"Having not undergone training in play, i found both the theoretical components and the practical elements to be very useful to understanding the play level of children."

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