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Developmental Therapy

Total Communication offers Developmental Therapy in Singapore for kids and adolescents. Our Developmental Therapy improves the child’s holistic development in cognitive, physical, and social-emotional domains, it also prioritises seamless integration between the child’s various environments.

What Does Developmental Therapy focus on?

Parents looking for hoslistic development of child at home

Parents and caregivers are always invested in the holistic development of children and want to ensure their child’s optimal growth and success. However, some children may still encounter challenges and delays along the way that veer them off course from the normal developmental trajectory. These challenges can manifest in various areas such as Speech and Language, Social Play, Motor Skills and Sensory Processing, and more.

Who are Developmental Therapists?

Developmental Therapists are qualified clinicians, especially in the domain of education, child language and psychology. They possess the necessary experience and theoretical knowledge required to employ a range of various evidence-based techniques, programmes, and assessments to support their clients. They primarily work with young toddlers, school-aged children, and adolescents, playing an important role in early development. 

Collaborative Work for Holistic Development

We understand the frustration and uncertainty parents, and even educators might feel when they witness a child struggling to communicate, interact, play, learn, or perform everyday age-appropriate tasks. Traditional education systems and tuitions may not fully address these specialised needs, thus requiring the support of more specialised professionals.

Developmental Therapy in Singapore by Total Communication Therapy Center
Developmental Therapy in Singapore by Total Communciation Therapy.

Developmental Therapy (DT) is a comprehensive and tailored approach offered by Total Communication in Singapore. DT equips children with skills to reach their fullest potential. Our team of experienced therapists employs a holistic approach that addresses speech and language, academic, motor skills and sensory processing, play and social-emotional challenges. By crafting individualised therapy plans, we guide children through targeted interventions that remediate weaker skillsets and foster growth.

DT also takes particular interest in partnering closely with the child’s family and educators to ensure that everyone involved in the care of the child is also well-equipped to support the child’s needs and development.

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