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Employee Assistance Programme (EAP)

Elevating Employee Well-Being Through our Learning Enhancement and Therapy for their children

By Prudence Low, Director, & Team 

At Total Communication, we believe in fostering a holistic well-being culture that extends beyond the workplace, encompassing the lives of your employees and their families. Our innovative corporate collaboration program aims to support your organization in creating a healthier, more engaged workforce by providing child therapy services as part of your employee well-being strategy.

What is it?
Why Are We Doing This?
Why Collaborate with Total Communication?

 The Family-Inclusive Employers Members

Introduction to the Club

Total Communication is proud to introduce the exclusive "Family-Inclusive Employers Club," designed to honor and recognize organizations committed to enhancing employee well-being through family-focused initiatives.

Benefits of the Membership

Gain a competitive edge and enhance your company's reputation as a "Family-Inclusive Employer." Membership offers your organization the opportunity to attract top talent, create a positive brand image, and foster employee satisfaction and loyalty, resulting in a healthier, more engaged workforce.


The Programmes

Comprehensive Child Therapy Services:

Total Communication offers a wide range of services, including developmental screening, speech therapy, educational therapy, occupational therapy, and more.



Our flexible approach allows us to provide therapy services at our center, in the child's home, or at their school, ensuring convenience for both parents and children.


Positive Impact on Employee Well-Being:

By extending therapy services to the children of your employees, you can reduce stress, enhance work-life balance, and improve overall employee productivity.

Benefits for Employers

Positive Brand Image

Positive Brand image for companies that offer therapy as a part fo their employee engagement Programme

Be recognized as a "Family-Friendly Employer," which can lead to a positive brand image and increased appeal in the job market.

Through the Therapy services as a part of the employee Engagement Programme, brand can attract top talents

Attracting Top Talent

Offering child therapy services can set your organization apart, making it more attractive to prospective recruits.

More Rentention and Employee Loyalty once you integrate therapy services in your Employees enagement programme in Singapore

Retention and Employee Loyalty

This programme contributes to higher employee satisfaction, loyalty, and decreased turnover.

Take the first step toward creating a healthier, more engaged workforce by exploring the possibilities of collaboration with Total Communication.

Total Communication is dedicated to providing your organization with the tools and resources to enhance employee well-being and become a recognized "Family-Inclusive Employer."

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