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Children enrichment center in Singapore


Over the years, we have seen students with unaddressed difficulties flounder with the academic curriculum. We want to be able to reach out to these students.

The Mustard Seed Programme aims to address fundamental areas of difficulty in tandem with academic goals and functional life skills. It aims to provide intensive therapy to remediate these areas within a regular weekly schedule to optimize outcomes.

When learning becomes insurmountable for a student due to various reasons or conditions, it may be time to consider an alternative mode of education. Whether it’s the case of a temporary setback involving a learning gap or a longer-term schooling option, we can help.

Our multi-disciplinary team have conceptualised and developed our Mustard Seed Programme that aims to address fundamental areas of difficulty both by partially integrating them in therapy and school or by having a day programme dedicated to therapy before successfully reintroducing them to school.


We ultimately have these key focus areas in mind to address their fundamental difficulties in tandem with academic goals and life skills:


Growth Focused

As a multidisciplinary team of speech-language pathologists, occupational therapists and educators, we will look carefully into the different learning needs of the child and address these difficulties at its core.

Our Programming is designed to target the maximum growth potential of a child – be it with the outcome of reintegrating the child into the mainstream setting or providing a special curriculum in a centre-based approach.

We are after holistic growth of mind and mindset, in fostering children with Learning to Learn skills and building a sense of self


Community-Based Learning

Taking a child or teenager out of conventional school life need not mean that one compromises on social exposure. Instead, we will be selective in ensuring:

  • Activities carry specific intentionality

  • Goals of increasing a child’s social belonging & competence

Our curriculum will maintain qualities of Functionality that serve to increase the Quality of Life – in both academic & social environments for students.


Stimulating Cognitive Skills

"Thinking goals" are paramount to helping the student learn effectively. Stimulating these goals will centre on 3 main facets:

  1. Input - How to cope with incoming information

  2. Elaboration - Equipping the student on how to define and solve problems

  3. Output - Student learns how to harness the concept of perspective-taking and thoughtful responses

Our Mustard Seed program offers these qualities to facilitate cognitive processes:


Restructuring thought processes so the child Learns to Learn


Mediated Learning Experience (MLE) that seeks to optimise a child’s learning


MLE is about “how” the guide seeks to interact to help the child internalise each meaningful experience


The child learns to learn through carefully structured tools that enhance cognition and thinking skills


A successful recipient of the mediated learning experience is self-motivated to learn and asks many useful questions to advance his own learning

Our Programme

Day programme

This programme is suitable for individuals who have not been accepted into a school system due to various difficulties (including behavioural issues), but who continue to require educational and therapeutic input. The aim for these students may be to re-integrate into a school setting upon meeting the goals (and thus possess the fundamental skills) of the programme. The programme is also suitable for individuals who may take a more vocational (i.e. non-academic) path in the future.


The programme focuses on building their capacities for functional life skills (e.g. self-care, basic literacy and numeracy skills for everyday tasks), so they can become more independent in their day-to-day lives.

Partial Programme

The Partial Integration Programme is a part-time programme that allows individuals to still be part of their current school system, whilst focusing more intensively on strengthening the core areas mentioned previously.


This programme is a highly collaborative one that involves planning with the student, their family, the school and our team to create comprehensive and individualized goals to maximize the opportunities at school, whilst targeting the core skill areas at our Centre.

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