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Professional Challenges

Professional Challenges: Understanding Hurdles that a child faces in Professional Setting

Speech and Language:

Every professional setting values good communication skills. Our speech, which is made up of the combination of pronunciation, accent, voice, and fluency, directly impacts how well others are able to understand us, so it’s important to put our best foot forward with clear and effective speech in the professional setting.

Being able to use language effectively in all situations is also essential when communicating in the workplace. This means understanding and using the appropriate words and sentences both in verbal and written form, in order to display our knowledge, professionalism and skills at our job. Furthermore, appropriate and effective use of language can evoke emotion, loyalty and respect, further increasing efficiency and productivity, as well as eliminating mistakes and the likelihood of misunderstanding. Speech-Language Pathologists understand this and can work with you to achieve your communication goals, enabling you to put your best foot forward at work.

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Hearing and Auditory Processing Difficulties:

A Speech-Language Pathologist, in collaboration with an Audiologist, can help with overcoming hearing and auditory processing difficulties to be a better communicator at work. An Audiologist can help you identify the cause of a hearing difficulty with a proper diagnosis. Following the diagnosis, a Speech-Language Pathologist works with clients to implement strategies to improve the level of functioning at work, while also addressing underlying processing issues that will improve communication and quality of life in the long term.

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Attention Disorders:

Whether diagnosed in childhood or later in life, The Speech Language Pathologist and Occupational Therapist can work with you to improve your ability to work through a task, keep track of day and tasks, and help you to appraise the quality of work produced. By supporting the remediation of underlying processing issues, long-term gains can be made to help you achieve professional success and improve the quality of your work life.

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Autism Spectrum Disorders:

While each person with autism is unique and has their own style, there are certain common challenges that impact the quality of professional life. For example, it can be very difficult and even anxiety-provoking for them to cope with unexpected events during the day, or to try and figure out a new task.

Furthermore, accounting for the different expectations of colleagues, customers and clients can be very effortful and challenging especially for individuals with autism. Therefore, by working on remediating the underlying processing issues that affect one’s ability to engage in their work and cope with these stressors, one can meet their professional potential at work.

Whether you’ve been diagnosed in childhood or adulthood, a Speech-Language Pathologist and Occupational Therapist have great insight into the processing breakdowns that affect professional success. They can implement a holistic plan in conjunction with you to help you reach your goals and improve your quality of life.

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Speech-language through Teletherapy

How Does Speech and Language Teletherapy Work?

Our speech and language teletherapy in Singapore eliminates the need for patients to travel to receive therapy. The sessions will be delivered via Zoom, an online meeting tool. Our meetings are GDPR compliant, and you will be given a password to join the meeting.

Although the sessions will be held online, they will be held in a secure environment where only you will be able to view them. You don't even need to be a technical genius to set up the meetings; all you have to do is download the Zoom app.

How is speech teletherapy in Singapore beneficial?
  1. Speech teletherapy in Singapore is convenient for parents and caregivers who do not have to arrange for rides to therapy clinics. They can receive treatment at home where children are at ease and it’s convenient for them.

  2. Clients from all over the world can receive treatment through speech teletherapy in Singapore, and they are likely to incur fewer expenses on therapy as they do not have to fly or pay for childcare to obtain treatment.

  3. In Singapore, all speech therapists are AHPC certified (Allied Health Professions Council, a professional board under the Ministry of Health that governs and regulates the professional conduct and ethics of registered allied health professionals), ensuring that the effective and global standard treatment method is used at all times.

  4. Finally, Singapore has one of the world's most successful healthcare systems in terms of both efficiency and outcomes, enabling speech teletherapy to be exceptional in Singapore and changing lives to brighter futures.

Speech and language abilities are potent predictors of educational, social, and occupational success. Therefore, speech teletherapy in Singapore is a viable service delivery approach at Total Communication for offering speech and language intervention services to this Singapore community.

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