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ADHD – Attention Deficiency Hyperactivity Disorder

ADHD – Attention Deficiency Hyperactivity Disorder

ADHD is a disorder that many parents and educators seem to be familiar with. Scientific evidence has pointed out that the number of ADHD students are estimated at 10% worldwide, with a high proportion of symptoms persisting through their adult years.  


Here in Singapore, once diagnosed, at the top of parental concerns would be how to navigate through challenges at school.  Some ADHD conditions are more obvious than others. They may be impulsive and have behavioural issues that prove detrimental to their ability to self-regulate in class. Some ADHD students suffer in a less conspicuous way.  They may have trouble focusing and completing their tasks on time, or would be thoroughly disorganized and under-perform in class.

Once ADHD has been diagnosed, one important consideration would be a decision to embark on medication. ADHD medication helps by boosting levels of neurotransmitters that play a role with memory and attentiveness. If prescribed with the right dosage and candidate, stimulating medication can help with amelioration of the learning and behavioural challenges that could come with the condition.

ADHD is just a different way of thinking

ADHD medication may also cause some known side effects such as the possibility of altered brain structures and addiction. Studies have also shown increased risks of stunted growth in children. In a 2007 analysis of a National Institute of Mental Health study involving 579 children, drug-treated youths showed a decrease in growth rate.  Important studies are ongoing, looking at the possible consequence of the loss of dopamine and its associated molecules.   With emerging evidence, doctors are advising a cautious approach to diagnosis. However, the positives of stimulating medication need to be weighed up against these risks. A strong advice would be to work with a prescribing medical professional to consider all these against the extent of the child’s struggles at school and in their private space.

Interventions and programmes looking at improving executive functions are worthwhile looking into.  Our centre’s Executive Function Programmes, and combined approaches using mediated learning, for example, are some effective approaches to help students learn more efficiently.   


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