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We are frequently asked how working at a therapy centre with children who have learning impairments feels. However, to understand how our therapists experience, it would be helpful to understand who we are at TCT and how the work we undertake helps us grow individually.

Who are we at TCT?

At Total Communications Pte. Ltd., we are a purpose-driven holistic therapy centre composed of like-minded individuals from across the globe that helps children battling developmental challenges. We aim to provide bespoke and dynamic services to our client’s needs while giving each other autonomy and developing one another’s strengths collaboratively.

We are a family of Speech-Language Therapists, Educational therapists, and Occupational therapists dedicated to pursuing what we love while making a difference, one child at a time. We have celebrated and are still celebrating all success stories vouched by parents whose children we’ve had the privilege of helping and are always heartened when our long-standing slogan, “Changing Lives, Touching Futures”, comes to fruition.

What do we see in our potential family(employees) at TCT?

We seek out people who want to be a part of our growing family, learn new things, and are enthusiastic about helping kids in need without prejudices.

Our family thinks they have a goal to fulfil, which is to act as a stepping stone for the children's growth at our centre.

We envisage our family flourishing holistically, both professionally and personally, as well as globally, by connecting with individuals worldwide to help children with special needs through Teletherapy.

What training and growth opportunity lies?

Total Communication Family believes in a growth mindset that embraces constant learning. Likewise, we value and expand our external and in-house training to all Total Communication members, new and old, such as "Learn to Play" by Karen Stagnitti, a dynamic interactive programme to foster imaginative play.

Moreover, our family members have autonomy at work, which allows them to develop innovative programmes for clients and learn entrepreneurship at our centre, not simply as "Therapists" but as future entrepreneurs for all to see and respect.

How have our employees grown so far as clinicians when working with special needs children for such a long time?

Working with children with particular challenges presents unique possibilities for personal development. For example, therapists at our centre who worked with special needs children developed a greater sense of empathy, tolerance, patience, and acceptance for people from all walks of life. Notably, It demonstrates a solid awareness of the various approaches to take with both children and parents, cultivating the ability to be patient when a client isn't constantly making progress (progress isn't always linear!). Finally, it promotes resilience and a greater understanding of therapies that may be applied in clinical and home settings.

"Teamwork makes dream work." Working alongside parents and children with special needs leaves a memory and the value of working together as a team and having compassion while learning slowly.

What makes employees at TCT different?

The exposure that everyone at our centre receives is unique in contrast to other therapy centres in Singapore, especially the rigorous training our therapists undergo, which pervades how each therapist approaches our clients' cases.

Furthermore, the roles individuals play at the centre impact their career progression because it strives to holistically integrate a diversity of perspectives and approaches to therapy. As a result, the Total Communication family is well-versed and adaptable in various scenarios in our dynamic industry.

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