Meet Our Team

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Prudence Low - Speech Therapist in Singapore

Speech-Language Pathologist (Director)

RDI® Program Consultant

BA English

(University of London)
Postgrad Speech Sc.

(Macquarie University, Sydney)
Master of Speech Pathology Studies

(University of Queensland)

Speech Language Pathologist (teletherapist) in Singapore

Regional Manager

Speech-Language Pathologist (teletherapist)

MSc Speech and Language Therapy

(University of Limerick)

BA (Hons) English Literature

(Trinity College Dublin)

Ivy Huang is an qualified and experienced Educational Therapist in Total Communication Singapore

Educational Therapist

Bachelor of Arts with Major in Psychology 

and Minor in Japanese (University of Canterbury)

Master of Speech and Language Pathology(University of Canterbury)

Merrin Philip - Developmental Therapist in Singapore | Majored in Occupational Therapy

Developmental Therapist

Bachelor of Occupational Therapy 

(Manipal Academy of Higher Education)

Master of Occupational Therapy (Developmental Pediatrics)

(Manipal Academy of Higher Education)

Darren Low - Educational Therapist in Singapore

Centre Manager

Educational Therapist

Bachelor in Linguistics and Multilingual Studies (Hons)

(Nanyang Technological University, Singapore)

Kumar Kritanshu - Sales, Marketing and I.T. Manager for Total Communication in Singapore. Kumar Kritanshu has coimpleted his Masters from Asian Institute of Management, Philippines and bachelors from Kavikulguru Institute of Technology & Sciences

Professional Liaison, Marketing and I.T. Manager

Master of Business Administration with Major in Business Analytics and Minor in Financial technology

(Asian Institute of Management, Philippines)

Bachelor of Engineering with Major in Computer Technology

(Nagpur University, India)

Michelle Loo is an Educational Therapist at Total Communication Therapy in Singapore

Educational Therapist

Bachelor of Social Sciences (Psychology)

(National University of Singapore)

Diana Mendiola - Educational Therapist in Singapore working with Total Communication

Educational Therapist

Bachelor of Social  Science  (Psychology)
(Singapore Management University, Singapore)

Kerensa Chew is a Speech Therapist at Total Communication Singapore.

Speech and Language Pathology - National University of Singapore (NUS)

Linguistics and Multilingual Studies - Nanyang Technological University (NTU)



Alissa Gargano

Principal Speech-Language Pathologist

RDI® Program Consultant

Bachelor of Science in Speech Pathology

(University of Sydney)