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Alissa Gargano

Alissa Gargano

Principal Speech-Language Pathologist (Teletherapist)

RDI® Program Consultant

Alissa is a Certified Practising Speech Pathologist who graduated from the University of Sydney. Throughout her career, Alissa has worked extensively with children and adults with both acquired and developmental disorders. Through her work, she has developed a passion for supporting children with Autism and associated neuro-developmental conditions such as Attention Disorders, as well as Developmental Language Disorders, Motor Speech Disorders, Dyslexia, and associated literacy difficulties. 

Alissa has worked in Private Practice for many years, and she is a passionate therapist and advocate for her clients. She has also worked as part of multi-disciplinary teams in different educational settings, from preschool, through to Primary, Middle and High school.

Alissa approaches assessment and therapy in a client-centered way, looking beyond the child’s strengths and challenges to get to know them as a person, and how they are functioning within their family and community. With profound respect for what typical developmental tells us about how important foundations support higher learning as one grows, Alissa can work productively with clients and their families to extend their skills and abilities, whatever the impact, and at any age and stage, with the ultimate goal of increasing participation and quality of life.

Alissa is very passionate about ongoing learning and professional development, and she keeps up to date with the latest research and discovery in her field. She understands the importance of professional knowledge, but she is also reflective and respectful of how to implement therapy mindfully, tailoring her services to the unique circumstances for each client and their family. Alissa also brings this passion to her work as a Clinical Supervisor, an honour and responsibility that she regards very highly.

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