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Jerlyn Tong

Jerlyn Tong

Educational Therapist

Jerlyn graduated from Nanyang Technological University (NTU) with a Bachelor (Honours) degree in Linguistics and Multilingual Studies, along with a Minor in Special Needs Education. During her undergraduate years, she worked as a research assistant for her professor, focusing on conversation analysis, and served as a student ambassador for the School of Humanities. She also participated in a semester exchange at Linköping University in Sweden, where she took courses in intercultural communication and oral rhetoric.

Outside of school, Jerlyn has gained valuable experience in supporting and working closely with children with special needs through volunteering and employment at early intervention centers. She has also tutored primary school children in both English and Mathematics. These experiences have underscored the importance of tailored support and have helped her develop empathy and understanding for the unique challenges faced by each child. Jerlyn is passionate about supporting children with special needs and firmly believes that every child, regardless of their struggles, has the potential to excel.

At Total Communication, Jerlyn is trained in Relationship Development Intervention (RDI), Lindamood-Bell's Visualizing and Verbalizing programme, the Seeing Stars programme, the Feuerstein approach, play therapy, and various other strategies to support children's language and cognitive development. As an Educational Therapist, Jerlyn aims to create a safe space for her clients to learn effectively and build their self-confidence.

In her spare time, Jerlyn enjoys physical activities such as dance classes, rhythmic cycling, pilates, and hitting the gym. She also finds joy in handcrafting resin accessories and beading bracelets.

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