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Kumar Kritanshu

Kumar Kritanshu

Professional Liaison, Marketing and I.T. Manager

Kumar Kritanshu, also known as Kriky, manages a broad range of responsibilities at Total Communication. He works with the company's sales, marketing, and information technology structures.

Kumar Kritanshu earned his master's degree from the Asian Institute of Management in the Philippines, which was developed by the Harvard Business School in association with the Ford Foundation and consistently ranks among Asia's top business schools. Kumar Kritanshu also was an exchange student at the Indian Institute of Management, Bangalore which is the top business institution in India and ranks 33 in the world. He focussed to learn how to manage across cultures to learn cultural competence for Global Business managers.

At Total Communication, Kumar Kritanshu collaborates with various team members to effectively manage school outreach, create marketable material for digital marketing, help with the implementation of new programmes, and assume full responsibility for the company's I.T. operations. He also works in the planning and strategizing of Total Communication's roadmap and expansion objectives.

Before joining Total Communication, Kumar Kritanshu worked in the Business Development department of some of India's fastest-growing ed-tech start-ups, like BYJUs - The Learning App and Vedantu Learning, and in the Amazon Development Centre in Pune, India. 

In his spare time, he enjoys learning new technologies, experimenting with various AI tools, and going on long motorcycle adventures. He places a strong emphasis on maintaining his health naturally and using every means possible to support the development of disadvantaged children.

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