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Tapping on Clear Communication (Speech Therapy): How Total Communication Can Help

Updated: Nov 22, 2023

Communication is a fundamental part of our lives, but for some children, expressing themselves clearly can be a challenge. If your child struggles with articulation, fluency, or language, you're not alone. Fortunately, there's a beacon of hope in Singapore. Total Communication, known for being the "Best Speech-Language Therapy Center in Singapore," is here to transform your child's journey to effective speech and language.

Find answers to the speech related issues fo ryour child by the best speech therapy center in Singapore - Total communication

Join us on this exploration of how Total Communication can be your child's guiding light.

The Speech Therapy Solution

Does your child face difficulties in pronouncing certain sounds or words?

For many children, articulation disorders can be a stumbling block. Imagine your child saying "run," but it comes out as "won." These articulation disorders, like lisps, can be a hurdle in effective communication.

Does your child get stuck while speaking, repeating sounds, or struggling with fluency?

Fluency disorders can cause a child to get stuck on certain sounds, like trying to say "story" but getting caught on "st-st-st-story." Stuttering is one example, and it can affect a child's confidence in speaking.

Is your child often misunderstood due to voice disorders?

Voice disorders can lead to people having trouble understanding your child. Starting a sentence loud and clear, only for it to end in mumbling, can be a common sign. Some kids may even sound like they have a perpetual cold or are talking through their noses.

Child struggles to comprehend or express thoughts | Speech Therapy in Singapore

Does your child struggle to comprehend or express thoughts?

Language disorders can hinder a child's ability to understand others or effectively express their thoughts. It's like having a mental roadblock to clear communication.

Who Benefits from Speech Therapy?

Could your child benefit from speech therapy?

Any child who has speech or language-related difficulties can benefit from speech therapy, a powerful tool for speaking clearly. It's not just about speech; it's about unlocking your child's potential o communicate clearly and effectively

Does your child face any of these challenges?

Various medical conditions can make speaking more challenging. Conditions like hearing problems, weak mouth muscles, cleft lip or palate, vocal nodules, autism, and breathing or swallowing disorders, can benefit from speech therapy.

The Journey to Clear Speech

Wondering what the journey to clear speech entails?

When a child visits a speech therapist at Total Communication, it all begins with a consultation and an assessment test to assist both the therapist and you in understanding your child's struggles from a clinical perspective.

What happens during the consultation?

During the test, the child will be asked to say specific sounds and words. The therapist might record these sounds and make notes. It's like mapping out the path to clear speech.

What comes after the consultation?

Following the consultation, the therapist identifies the child's specific requirements and customizes a one-of-a-kind treatment plan. In some instances, additional evaluation and assessment become necessary. After the assessment, the therapists unearth hidden insights into the issues, enabling them to fine-tune their plans to cater to the child's unique needs.

A variety of assessments may be necessary for a child. What's truly remarkable is that now, you have the option to conveniently book and undergo most of these assessments from the comfort of your own home through TeleTherapy.

  1. Full Speech and Language Assessment

  2. Educational Therapy Assessment

  3. Full Occupational Therapy Assessment (In-center only)

  4. Assess as we Treat (In-center only) - Our Assess as We Treat approach is particularly beneficial for clients whose children may take some time to develop a rapport with their therapist.

Explore our Teletherapy/telehealth option. You can book teletherapy online too.

What's your preference?

  • In-center Therapy

  • Teletherapy/Telehealth

What's the treatment like?

The treatment involves practice. If your child struggles with articulation or fluency, the therapist guides them on making the correct sounds.

How is language disorder treated?

Addressing language disorders involves sessions that may resemble classroom lessons, fostering an environment where your child hones the ability to construct articulate statements and express coherent thoughts. These sessions are not just educational but also interactive and engaging. Incorporating engaging activities and other engaging exercises, our dedicated therapists make the learning process enjoyable and effective. It's a transformative journey that empowers your child to communicate with confidence and clarity.

The Road to Progress

How long does treatment last?

The treatment's duration varies, depending on the challenge. Some treatments are short, and others take longer. The duration of treatment can span from a few weeks to several months or even a few years.

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For those facing speech challenges, the most valuable advice is to engage in consistent practice. Dedicate time to hone the skills your speech therapist has shared with you. Perhaps consider setting aside a portion of your evening for practice in front of a mirror.

Much like perfecting a foul shot in sports or mastering multiplication tables, dedicated effort and hard work yield fruitful results!

Now, here's the most crucial step - connecting with Total Communication. Our experts are ready to guide your child on their journey to clear communication. Whether it's speech therapy in Singapore, speech-language assessment, or developing higher-level language understanding, Total Communication is here for you.

Ready to embark on this transformative journey?

Contact us now, and let's unlock your child's full potential in communication or get your questions answered in detail through a phone call consultation.

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Did you know?

We've been providing teletherapy/telehealth in Singapore and other Asian countries as a means to offer therapy services for clients facing challenges like distance or parents' work commitments that make it difficult to travel to the center. Rest assured, the quality of our services remains uncompromised, and therapy goals are achieved just as effectively online. Parents, feel free to reach out to us to explore the range of therapy services that can be delivered online to benefit your child.

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