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4 Summer Holiday Programme at Total Communication in Singapore

Are you in search of a wondrous summer tale, a journey beyond imagination for your cherished child?

Fear not, for Total Communication unveils a realm of enchantment!

As we unfurl the pages of our story, behold our Summer Holiday Programme, a tapestry woven with wonder and wisdom. Within this tale, myriad treasures await, tailored to the yearnings of young hearts and minds.

In this article, we shall delve deeper, discovering the secrets that kindle brilliance and forge everlasting bonds. So, join us, dear reader, as we venture forth, where the realms of knowledge and camaraderie intertwine.

In this sonnet of summer, let your child's spirit soar, embracing the magic that knows no end.

  1. Lego Therapy: Building Blocks of Fun and Learning For kids aged 4 to 7 and 7 to 10 years old Lego Therapy is a unique and innovative program that combines the joy of playing with Lego bricks and the power of therapy. It is specifically designed to help children develop social skills, improve communication, and enhance problem-solving abilities. Through collaborative play and structured activities, kids will learn to work as a team, express their ideas, and think critically. Lego Therapy at Total Communication promises a stimulating and enjoyable experience that will leave a lasting impact on young minds. View Programme: Summer Holidays Programs in Singapore | Total Communication

  2. Social Thinking Group: Nurturing Social Skills and Connections For kids aged 12 to 22 years In today's interconnected world, strong social skills are essential for success and happiness. The Social Thinking Group at Total Communication provides a supportive environment where teenagers can enhance their social competencies, develop self-awareness, and foster meaningful relationships. Through interactive sessions and guided discussions, participants will explore topics such as perspective-taking, empathy, and effective communication. Join our Social Thinking Group and unlock your true social potential this summer! View Programme: Summer Holidays Programs in Singapore | Total Communication

  3. Visualizing and Verbalizing: Unleashing the Power of Imagination For kids aged 7 and above Imagination knows no bounds, and at Total Communication, we believe in nurturing this incredible gift in children. Our Visualizing and Verbalizing program aims to enhance reading comprehension, critical thinking, and creativity. Participants will engage in activities that stimulate their visual and auditory processing, enabling them to vividly imagine and describe scenes, characters, and events. Join us on this captivating journey and watch your child's imagination soar to new heights! View Programme: Summer Holidays Programs in Singapore | Total Communication

  4. Language Stimulation & Pretend Play: Where Learning Comes to Life For kids aged 3 years to 9 years Language development is a crucial aspect of a child's growth, and Total Communication's Language Stimulation & Pretend Play program offers a fun and interactive way to foster language skills. Through role-playing, storytelling, and engaging play experiences, children will develop vocabulary, grammar, and communication abilities. This program encourages children to express themselves confidently and creatively while having a blast. Watch as their language abilities flourish during this exciting summer adventure! View Programme: Summer Holidays Programs in Singapore | Total Communication

With experienced instructors, a safe and inclusive environment, and a track record of excellence, Total Communication is the ideal choice for a rewarding summer experience. Don't miss out on this incredible opportunity!

Enroll your child today and let them embark on a journey of learning, growth, and fun at Total Communication's Summer Holiday Programme in Singapore.


How can I enroll my child in the Summer Holiday Programme at Total Communication in Singapore?

Enrolling your child is easy! Simply visit our website at and click on Sign-up or Scroll down to the bottom of the page to fill in the Sign-up form. Alternatively, you can reach out to us from our Contact Us page:

Don't miss out on this amazing opportunity!

Can children with special needs join the programs?
Are the programs conducted in small groups or large classes?
What makes Total Communication's Summer Holiday Programme unique?
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