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Tips for Teachers: Enhancing Developmental and Social Communication Skills in Students 

Observation is a crucial tool for educators to understand and support the development of speech, language, and social communication skills in preschoolers.

Tips for teachers, checklist for teachers to evaluate students in Singapore

In this article, we detail an Observational checklist that provides a comprehensive framework for teachers to assess various aspects of communication and interaction with their students. By identifying strengths and areas for improvement, educators can tailor their teaching strategies to promote positive outcomes in these essential areas.  

Below are some observations educators can consider in the classroom: 

  • Focus and Sustained Attention 

  • Social Interaction 

  • Speech Clarity 

  • Literacy 

  • Emergent Reading Skills 

  • Emergent Writing Skills 



  1. Early Intervention: Early identification of speech, language, and social communication difficulties allows for timely intervention, enhancing long-term outcomes. 

  1. Individualized Support: By pinpointing specific areas of need, educators can provide targeted support tailored to each student's requirements. 

  1. Improved Academic Performance: Enhanced communication skills contribute to improved academic performance, as students can effectively express themselves and comprehend instructional materials. 

  1. Enhanced Social Skills: Strengthening social interaction skills fosters positive relationships with peers and adults, promoting a supportive learning environment. 

  1. Preparation for Future Success: Developing foundational speech, language, and social communication skills equips preschoolers with essential tools for success in future academic and social environments. 

Regular observation and assessment of speech, language, and social communication skills are essential for supporting preschoolers' development. With this, educators can identify areas of strength and areas needing improvement, allowing for targeted interventions and support. Educators can help preschoolers build the necessary skills for successful communication and interaction in future social environments through consistent monitoring and targeted interventions. 

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