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Exploring Executive Functioning in Therapy

Executive Functioning is a buzzword you might have encountered, but how exactly do we integrate it into therapy?

Executive Functioning brain with all the key skills

Executive functions encompass a myriad of skills, and our sessions focus primarily on:

Executive functioning having skills that Total Communcation integrate into therapy
  • Working memory

  • Time management

  • Planning and organization

  • Flexible thinking

  • Self-monitoring

One stellar resource we utilise is Logic Links, an activity that amalgamates all these skills into one engaging exercise. Logic Links can be played individually or in groups, fostering either collaboration or healthy competition. Kids are given a set of clues and must strategically place coloured chips to solve the puzzle.

Working Memory and Flexible Thinking

Logic Links challenges children to systematically solve puzzles using provided clues. They might start with Clue 1, but often, beginning with the simplest clue proves more effective. Reflecting on strategies and difficulties is crucial; it helps children acknowledge their progress and learn to improve, fostering a growth mindset. Flexible thinking is honed by questioning whether the current solution is the only one, while working memory is exercised by remembering previous clues.

Time Management and Planning and Organization

Through Logic Links, children develop essential time management skills by working within a set time to solve puzzles. They learn to plan and organize their approach to each puzzle, deciding on the best strategy to use their time effectively. This process helps them understand the importance of structuring their tasks and managing their time efficiently.


Post-puzzle, children choose their next challenge level, fostering autonomy and rational decision-making. They reflect on the difficulty of the previous task and decide their progression path. If a puzzle proves too challenging, we discuss whether tackling an easier one might better prepare them for future success.

Building Resilience and Flexibility

It's natural for children to feel frustrated, but we assure them that this is part of the learning journey and encourage perseverance. Developing resilience, staying organized, and thinking flexibly are integral to executive functions practiced in Logic Links. Highlighting initial difficulties and celebrating progress makes these skills easier with practice.

Curious to learn more about executive functions or our resources at Total Communication? Contact us for more details.


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