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Does your School Require Assessments for your Child's Admission in Singapore?

Embarking on the journey of securing admission for your child in international schools often requires more than just a glowing recommendation.

Assessments for School Admissions in Singapore by Total Communication. Contact with us to get assessments for school admissions.

Many International and local schools in Singapore demand comprehensive assessment for admissions to ensure a seamless fit within their dynamic classrooms. The question isn't whether your child needs an assessment; it's about choosing the right partner to pave the way for their academic excellence.

In the bustling landscape of international and local school admissions, Total Communication stands out as your go-to solution. We understand that obtaining assessment reports is not just a formality; it's an investment in your child's educational future. While investing in your child's education may seem like a weighty decision, it pales in comparison to the lifelong benefits. Our assessments not only help with the necessary reports in the admission process but also identify and address potential learning difficulties at an early stage, setting the stage for academic success.

At Total Communication, we're not just assessing; we're revolutionizing the way you understand and support your child's unique journey. Our assessments are not your run-of-the-mill tests; they're personalized experiences tailored to cater to your child's distinct needs.

1. Full Speech and Language Assessment

  • Features: Expert-selected tools like CELF and CASL-2.

  • Advantages: Comprehensive insights into your child's language development.

  • Benefits: A detailed report and discussion to empower your child's potential.

Preschoolers' Speech and Language: The stepping stone for confident communication. School-Aged Speech and Language: A holistic approach to unraveling linguistic potential.

Read more about Full Speech and Language Assessment in Singapore: Full Speech and Language Assessment | Total Communication

2. Educational Assessment

  • Features: A deep-dive approach encompassing math performance, organizational skills, and the Feuerstein method.

  • Advantages: A nuanced understanding of your child's unique educational needs.

  • Benefits: Customized solutions ensuring your child reaches their full potential.

Literacy Assessment: Shaping young minds into literate powerhouses.

Informal Literacy Assessment: Illuminating the path to phonological prowess.

Learn more about Educational Assessment: Educational Therapy Assessment | Total Communication

3. Full Occupational Therapy Assessment

  • Features: Dive into sensory profiles, motor skills, visual perceptual abilities, and handwriting.

  • Advantages: A holistic view of your child's sensory and motor development.

  • Benefits: Tailored interventions for unleashing your child's full potential.

Read more about Full Occupational Therapy Assessment: Full Occupational Therapy Assessment | totalcommunication

Sensory Profile: Understanding your child's unique sensory world.

Motor Skills Assessment: Unleashing the power of coordinated movements.

Visual Perceptual and Visual Motor Assessment: Sharpening the tools for visual prowess.

Handwriting Assessment: Crafting the skill of eloquent expression.

4. Assess as We Treat - A Seamless Blend

  • Features: A unique blend of assessment and therapy in a seamless journey.

  • Advantages: Comfortable, supportive, and efficient, tailored to your child's pace.

  • Benefits: Regular therapy sessions with ongoing progress monitoring for the best outcome.

Assess as We Treat: Because every child's journey is a unique symphony.

Learn more about Assess as We Treat Assessment: Assess as we Treat | Total Communication

Discovering the unique educational needs of your child begins with the right assessment for school admissions.

At Total Communication, we specialize in tailoring assessments for your child's success. Parents, educators, and schools alike can consult with us to embark on this transformative journey. Our commitment goes beyond evaluation; we collaborate with teachers, learning support teams, and parents to ensure a holistic understanding.

Connect with us today, and let's shape a personalized educational roadmap that propels your child toward academic triumphs. Reach out now to explore the potential that lies within every child!

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