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Who are Educational Psychologists and what do they do?

Educational psychologists are professionals who understand and support the learning, development, and well-being of children and young people. With rigorous education and psychology expertise, these professionals work tirelessly to ensure that every child has the opportunity to thrive academically, socially, and emotionally.

Who are Educational Psychologists?

Educational Psychologists are professionals with pertinent educational experience and extensive training in psychology, enabling them to grasp the intricacies of children and young people's learning processes, cognitive functions, and behaviours.

What do Educational Psychologists do?

The duties of Educational Psychologists encompass:

  • Implementing strength-based psychology with a focus on prioritizing the child's well-being in all endeavours.

  • Ensuring that both parents and the child have an opportunity to express their perspectives.

  • Taking into account various factors such as the child's play, social interactions, learning patterns, emotional development, and behaviour.

  • Offering support at different levels, including individual, group, class, or school-wide interventions.

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How an Educational Psychologist Can Support You and Your Child?

Educational Psychologists help you gain a better understanding of the impact of various environments, including home, school, and community, and how they interact with individual child factors. They consider input from other professionals and utilize problem-solving techniques to develop tailored solutions, leveraging available strengths and resources. Furthermore, they identify and address learning difficulties, behavioural issues, and social-emotional challenges through the following ways:

  • Consultation: During consultations, Educational Psychologists utilize problem-solving and solution-focused approaches to gain a deeper understanding of the situation. They leverage available strengths and resources to help you develop relevant solutions.

  • Assessment: Educational Psychologists conduct thorough psycho-educational assessments that include a review of the child’s history and educational journey, dynamic assessments and/or standardised assessments to examine the child's background and academic progress.

  • Intervention: Educational Psychologists plan, implement, and evaluate specific interventions aimed at addressing recognized learning obstacles, behavioural concerns, and socio-emotional challenges.

  • Advocacy and psychoeducation: Educational Psychologists can support you to have more positive conversations with other professionals and school staff who are already working with your child in order to help them understand and support your child more effectively in other contexts. They can also deliver relevant training or workshops if needed.

Educational psychologists are essential partners in nurturing the overall development and academic achievement of children and young individuals. Their expertise, empathy, and unwavering commitment render them indispensable in education. If you need assistance with your child's learning, behavioural, or socio-emotional difficulties, consider reaching out to Total Communication. Our team of seasoned professionals is dedicated to empowering children and families to excel.

If you feel your child is facing issues such as difficulty in learning, behavioural challenges, or emotional struggles, and if you are seeking support from educational psychologists for your child or your school, simply connect with us today.


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