I started growing this Practice in 2009 when our profession was still little known in Singapore. The problem of finding the right professionals to help with a myriad of problem relating to communication and learning was huge. Even though we were there at a much needed time, we had to fight the lack of information about the different conditions, and misconceptions both at the parental and school level..

Today, I am proud that the Practice has grown to become more than the magic ten that I had originally kept in mind. We intend to keep this medium sized with a few important criteria. Firstly, we decided that we will work with the skills and talents that each of the professionals bring with them. And we are so thoroughly blessed to have a vibrant, energetic and hugely intelligent team behind us. Secondly, we’ve long recognised that so many of the team members are not only talented in their own way, they are also perfectionists who found it more fulfilling to be helping the students as they come, in varying needs and complexities. So we’ve made it a point that there should not be a one size fits all programme for anyone. Every student has their own unique programming, even in a group, and if there is only one student who would benefit from a particular solution with a particular resource, we will find it! This year, we added FOCUS, a much needed solution that is tailored to those who have struggled with executive function challenges. Our Job Coach programme, now running successfully, was created from the need that we saw with our older clients struggling to transition from academic institutions to workplace environment. Finally, my team and I share the belief that the individual’s potential remains reachable even as we set our bar high. We ask parents to do the same, while upholding the knowledge that goals need to be meted out in achievable steps – always challenging the students, and always protecting and growing their self-esteem.

I thank God for his provisions for this Centre – both in terms of helping the professionals find their way here and the abundant resources and materials to help the children. I am thankful for the opportunity that parents have given to us by entrusting us with their children. We value this relationship that we see as symbiotic and special. We never cease to be amazed by how much the transformation of your children have in turn brought much fulfilment in the work we do.

Wishing all a wonderful year ahead!

Prudence Low

Clinical Director
Speech Language Pathologist

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