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Image of a child receiving home-based therapy from a specialist educato . Therapy is being conducted in a comfortable and familiar environment, providing personalized and effective treatment by Total Communication in Singapore

Transforming Lives through Home Based Therapy by Specialist Educators

At Total Communication, we are dedicated to providing high-quality and effective therapy services to children with special needs. We understand that therapy can be a burden for many families, which is why we have introduced a Home-Based Therapy by Specialist Educators that makes therapy more accessible and convenient for families.

Our Home Based Therapy by Specialist Educators is based on the principle that every child deserves the opportunity to reach their full potential, and we are committed to helping them achieve that goal by bringing therapy and goals to your home.

Why Choose Home-Based SPED Therapy?

Homework Help

Personalized Attention

A home-based SPED teacher provides personalized attention to the student in a familiar setting, leading to more effective therapy sessions.

Happy Family

Convenience and Comfort

Home-based therapy eliminates the need for travel and disruption to the student's daily routine, providing a comfortable and familiar environment for therapy, reducing anxiety and increasing overall comfort.

Child Playing

Increased Progress

Home-based SPED therapy with a dedicated teacher offers personalized attention and a comfortable setting, which can lead to improved student progress.

Our Home-Based SPED Therapy Services

Speech Therapy

Speech Therapy

Helping children and adolescents in overcoming speech and language related challenges with personalized therapy plans


Educational Therapy

Assisting children and adolescents in improving their learning abilities through personalized educational programs


Occupational Therapy

Assisting individuals to develop their daily living skills and improve their physical and cognitive abilities through personalized treatment plans

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