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School Readiness: Not just about academics

Updated: Apr 7, 2022

People believed that if a child could pronounce the ABCs, count, recognise colours, and write their first name, they were ready for kindergarten. However, readiness has always been more sophisticated than that, and new research is assisting us in understanding what it truly is. School readiness in Singapore measures skills and behaviours a child has developed that have enabled them to participate and succeed in school.

A child who is ready for school has the necessary skills and behaviours to facilitate a smooth transition from kindergarten to elementary or primary school. It does not only refer to academic (literacy and numeracy skills) but the overall developmental skills of your child- their social, emotional, adaptive functioning ability, play, physical-motor, communication and cognitive skills.

Research has shown that weakened key developmental skills may cause the child to struggle with academics, develop defiant behaviours, experience difficulty managing daily routines, difficulty taking care of their belongings and forming friendships. Conversely, the children who start school when they are ‘ready’ have been more successful with school transition. 

Providing early intervention in Singapore at a young age can create significant variations in performance. Early childhood experiences profoundly impact the development of neurological connections since the brain is at its most receptive during the first six years.

Our therapists in Singapore are always available to assist your children with the development of school readiness. Various areas include language, communication, cognition, fine motor skills, socio-emotional development, academic performance, and adaptive abilities. We have the expertise to respond to the various demands of foreign and Singaporean school systems and families. Secure, responsive adult-child connections promote healthy development.

We have created an early intervention program in Singapore to assist your children in achieving school readiness. The program is run by speech and language therapists, educational therapists, and developmental therapists. We understand that there is no one-size-fits-all curriculum, so we strive to provide the most acceptable approach for each kid by combining and changing tactics.

Total Communication’s School Readiness Program (SRP) is an early intervention program in Singapore that focuses on facilitating a child’s key developmental skills. It follows a detailed early intervention approach to a child’s core developmental abilities. This enhances social thinking, language and communication, literacy and numeracy, handwriting, sensory-motor, and play skills to assist them in transitioning smoothly into regular primary school classes.

Who is this School Readiness program for:

  • Children between 5 to 8 years old

  • Children at risk of learning difficulties

  • Children who struggle with attention, social & emotional skills or self-regulation

  • Learning issues or speech-language impairments

  • Children who struggle with sensory processing

For more information on our program, please contact us at 9115 8895 or email us at

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