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Darren Low

Darren Low

Centre Manager
Senior Educational Therapist

Darren is born and raised in Singapore. He graduated with a bachelor’s degree in Linguistics and Multilingual Studies in Nanyang Technological University. As an undergraduate, he was also a research assistant for his professor for a year working on various language discourse projects and was stationed in Japan for 4 months gathering valuable data for research.

Upon graduation, he was offered a role as a Speech-Language Facilitator at Thye Hua Kwan EIPIC Centre. There, he provided speech therapy to his paediatric clients – mainly autistic and ADHD - between 2-7 years old and worked at the centre for 2 years before furthering his studies.

During his time there, he has learnt the importance of catering to the wants and needs of a child and being patient with the process. As he is also into physical activities, Darren loves incorporating both gross and fine motor skills during his sessions. He believes that children should be given the privilege to have fun and explore as much as they can during the ‘Critical Period’ for language acquisition.

Now working as an Educational Therapist in Total Communication, he hopes to share as well as expand his resources and knowledge in helping the children in the centre who are facing difficulties with literacy and language.

Darren is also a bit of an adrenaline junkie. He has summited Mt Elbrus in Russia and plans on extending his mountaineering accolades by venturing the seven summits. His hobbies include sports, travelling, playing the guitar, composing his own songs, singing and good eats.

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