Dr. Yang Chien-Hui

Cognitive Therapist

Early Intervention Therapist

Doctor (PhD) of Early Childhood Special Education

(University of Kansas, U.S.A)
Master of Early Childhood Special Education

(University of Kansas, U.S.A)
Bachelor’s degree in Special Education (

National Kaoshiung Normal University, Taiwan)

Dr. Yang Chien-Hui earned her Doctoral and Master's degrees in Early Childhood Special Education from the University of Kansas, U.S.A. (which is ranked the top 1 Special Education Graduate Programme in the United States).  Whilst living in Taiwan and in the United States, she worked with children with behavioural and learning challenges (including Autism Spectrum Disorders, ADHD, Dyslexia/Learning Disabilities, Behavioural Disorders, Language Impairment, Physical and Multiple disabilities, Global Developmental Delays, and Sensory Impairment) from infants, toddlers to 16+ years of age.  She also worked in inclusive early childhood settings and taught at a University (teacher training) in the United States.  She offers early intervention, play-based therapy and cognitive therapy for children with developmental delays, diagnosed and undiagnosed special needs (all categories). 

Dr. Yang served as an Assistant Professor at Missouri State University (U.S.A.) and NIE/NTU (Singapore) and has more than 14 years of teacher training experiences in higher education.  She later became an independent consultant for Early Childhood Education and Special Education.  Dr. Yang has published 14 peer-reviewed journal articles, presented at 24 peer-reviewed conferences, and conducted 6 TV/Video interviews as well as 14 newspaper/radio interviews in Singapore.  She also published a book chapter on Singapore’s Special Education through a publisher in the United States.