Lorelle Ng

Speech-Language Pathologist

B Sp Path (University of Queensland, Australia)

Dip Sp Ed (National Institute of Education, Singapore)

Lorelle Ng is an experienced Speech-Language Pathologist who is skillful with children. She is an award recipient of the Public Service Commission Overseas Scholarship in 1991 and was posted to Australia to be professionally trained under the Faculty of Rehabilitative Medicine. She graduated from the University of Queensland with the professional degree Bachelor of Speech Pathology. In 2012, she completed the Diploma in Special Education from the National Institute of Education, under the Nanyang University of Technology, Singapore. Since 2014, she has attained full practitioner license to independent practice by the Allied Health Professions Council, AHPC, Singapore.

Lorelle ‘s extensive work experience was enriched by her clinical services with the Ministry of Health, Ministry of Education, National Council of Social Services and the private sectors. In the healthcare industry, she works with a team of dedicated healthcare specialists in the multi-disciplinary rehabilitative care of prematurely borne infants, toddlers, young children and adults with critical conditions, from hospitalization to recovery. In the education industry, she works collaboratively with creative teachers and therapists to provide holistic intensive therapy support to neurotypical as well as children with learning difficulties in the mainstream preschools and elementary schools. In the private therapy sector, she designs therapy programs to support young children from early intervention programs, school readiness to national examinations.


Good therapy outcome requires amalgam of Arts and Science. Lorelle incorporates techniques from different theories, disciplines, research and advice from brilliant minds in addition to her own assessments and observation.


Lorelle likes to see families flourish with her intervention. Parents have commented that her sessions are fun whilst her methods and advice are practical. She attributes her treatment successes to the wonderful mentors, resourceful colleagues and dedicated families whose invaluable participation has led to many interesting therapy moments