Blakesley Orr

Speech-Language Pathologist

BSc (Honours) Speech Pathology and Therapy

(Manchester Metropolitan University, United Kingdom)

BA (Honours) Linguistics

(The University of Manchester, United Kingdom)

Blakesley is from the United Kingdom, and has completed degrees in Bachelor of Arts (with honours) Linguistics, and Bachelor of Science (with honours) Speech Pathology and Therapy. His degree in Linguistics was achieved from the University of Manchester, which is ranked as being one of the top universities, globally. His second degree, in Speech Pathology, was achieved from Manchester Metropolitan University, which has won plentiful awards for it’s Health Professions’ Department. Both of his degrees were placed in the first class division. Blakesley has been trained by the renowned National Health Service, UK (NHS), which has taught him valuable clinical skills and competencies.


Blakesley has a busy caseload, comprising of a wide range of clients from different cultures. He works with children ranging from 2 years old to 18 years old. He assesses and treats children with stammer/stutter, speech sound disorders, developmental language disorder (DLD), apraxia of speech, expressive/receptive language delay, attention deficit and hyperactivity disorder (ADHD) and autism spectrum disorder (ASD). He works closely with families and educators to create a supportive environment for his clients and their needs. Blakesley also delivers speech-language pathology to international schools, such as United World College, and Canadian International School. He is a strong advocate for adapting the learning environment in order for the child to thrive and succeed both socially and academically. Blakesley liaises closely with different professionals, such as occupational therapists, psychologists, paediatricians, and educational staff, enabling a holistic treatment plan for the child.


Blakesley plays a crucial role in delivering speech and language therapy programmes in group format. Currently he runs a social thinking and social communication group for children with Asperger’s, autism and other related social communication difficulties. This group has proven to be highly successful, and children have been noted to be able to better regulate themselves emotionally, and interpret a range of social situations. He has also plays a role in training teachers, special education coordinators, and teaching assistants in applying these programmes.


His linguistics degree embodies the scientific study of language, including grammar, phonetics, and syntax. This is extremely conducive to speech and language therapy, and aids in the interpretation and intervention of the child’s impairment.


Blakesley enjoys travelling, swimming, skiing and learning languages. He also speaks conversational French and Welsh.

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