Mrs Summers on her son Matt

"I knew my now 3 year old son from the age of 18 months had an issue with his speech development and I had taken him for various assessments with no clear diagnosis. I commenced speech therapy at the age of 2 with a local SLP but was very unsatisfied with them on various fronts. After carrying out my own intense research i suspected Childhood Apraxia of Speech CAS and I visited Prudence who was confidently able to confirm a diagnosis. Anyone who has a child with CAS will know that research shows early diagnosis and intervention is critical. Whilst I was highly disappointed with all the other professionals lack of ability to see the markers of CAS in my son, this in hindsight has been a blessing.Prudence Is a talented therapist who, unlike many other providers, has amazing skills to engage my son in different and creative tasks during the session whilst remaining firm with him to ensure the goals are achieved. Prudence consistently makes the time to provide me with clear and concise feedback on his progress.”