Summer Holiday Programmes

Make this summer a memorable one with fun and laughter with engaged young minds! We have just the programme for you! 


This summer, ensure that your child is kept mentally and physically stimulated in a language rich environment led by professionals.

Suitable for:
  • All children from aged 5 to 12
  • Gifted and bright children who find it hard to emotionally self-regulate
  • Mainstream school students who will benefit from a burst of language rich immersive environment


We incorporate an Israeli based technique of learning, that involves socratic questioning and using specific tools targeted for increasing critical thinking, exploration and executive functioning. A skilled Cognition Therapist mediates the child by asking targeted questions that facilitate learning, triggering thoughts, and shaping thinking skills.


This provides a great opportunity for all Singapore based students to catch up with goals. Our programmes are also extended to families living overseas, which will be taking place over the upcoming summer break. We also provide for Skype arrangements even after you have left Singapore, along with ongoing support and monitoring of progress.

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