Bespoke Programme

Total Communication is bridging the gap for children who lack vital school readiness skills, but possess unlocked educational and social potential. Understanding that all children develop at different paces, these tailor made programmes are carefully built around the strengths and needs of each child utilising the developmental expertise of occupational therapists, speech therapists, and educational therapists. Our bespoke programmes target the underlying deficits, required for strong language and learning foundations, by providing a language-rich environment with language and cognitive stimulation as primary focus. Our programmes scaffold learning for students who:

  • Have language based learning challenges
  • Are gifted, however are underachieving due to poor learning foundations
  • Have a slower pace of learning due to cognition or motor based challenges
  • Require a bridging programme to ease the transition into mainstream school settings

Our programmes run from 9am to 2pm Monday – Friday based on the individual needs of the child, taking a strong focus on speech and language goals, motor goals, developmental goals and academic goals.

The programmes draw upon tools from Feuerstein, TEACCH, and Conscious Discipline to support emotional and educational foundations. Depending on the strengths and needs of the child, we then select the Dynamic Intelligence Curriculum, Functional Curriculum, or Oak Tree Learning curriculum.