Speech-Language Therapy

Speech Language Pathologists specialise in the development, nuances, and impairments of all aspects of communication and language learning.  With training grounded in communication and language development, Speech Language Pathologists are uniquely positioned to understand and foresee the implications to one’s overall quality of life when the developmental processes involved with these areas don’t go according to plan. Whether it’s working directly, liaising with teachers, parent training, or any combination of these, an individualised program supporting your child’s particular strengths and challenges can achieve gains for them and the way they interact with their world. In consult with you and other professionals involved in your child’s case, the Speech Language Pathologist will implement an assessment and treatment plan to maximise potential and reach goals.  Our Speech Language Pathologists are well sought after for services provided both at schools and individual families.


Individual programmes involving SLPs include:

  • Speech and articulation disorders (unclear sounds)
  • Central auditory processing disorder (when the brain can’t hear)
  • Language disorders (delayed language development or language impairment)
  • Communication disorders (autism spectrum disorder)
  • Fluency Disorder (stuttering and stammering)