Recognising the complexity of every child’s aetiology, our professionals (Speech Language Therapists, Occupational Therapists and Educational Therapists) seek to come up with solutions that fit into the type of intervention needs the child has. Whether it is students who struggle in mainstream school because of specific language impairment, or young children who has been affected by autism – Our families can opt for our Bespoke programmes that targets core deficits of learning. Getting to the roots to build important foundational skills is our core mission.


  •  Daily one to one therapy that works on regulating the child in a quiet environment
  • Daily Dynamic Thinking Programmes – to build on skills of Attendance, Referencing, Regulation, Coordinating and Synchronisation – key skills that are needed to help children with ASD who have not developed speech make sense of their world around them. These skills are precursor to emergence of speech and language.
  • Partial push in services. Our therapists work with designated Preschools to either bring therapy to school settings or collaborate on curriculum changes in Preschools and Kindy so that a full inclusive learning can be made possible. Collaboration is made possible with the help of our Inclusive Learning Specialist to help bridge communication with teachers and modify curriculum.


  • Daily individual intensive therapy programmes that build on skills of school readiness.
  • Daily or Partial Participation at school – with strong collaboration with school for students to be pulled out during some hours or days to bridge gaps of language and educational learning.
  • Home-School Support. For students needing their own curriculum, our professionals can help to look for the right curriculum to support them. Curriculum such as K12 and a US based Functional Curriculum help children meet objectives and milestones with the view of facilitating real integration to society.

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