Mustard Seed Programme


When learning becomes insurmountable for a student due to various reasons or conditions, it may be time to consider an alternative mode of education. Whether it’s the case of a temporary setback involving a learning gap or a longer term schooling option, we can help.

Here at Total Communication, our multi-disciplinary team have conceptualised and developed our Bespoke Programme that aims to address fundamental areas of difficulty. Learning is optimised with Programmes tailored for the individual needs with these principles in mind:


Growth Focused

As a multidisciplinary team of speech language pathologists, occupational therapists and educators, we will look carefully into the different learning needs of the child and address these difficulties at its core.

Our Programming is designed to target maximum growth potential of a child – be it with the outcome of reintegrating the child into mainstream setting or providing special curriculum in a centre-based approach.

We are after holistic growth of mind and mindset, in fostering children with Learning to Learn skills and building a sense of self


Community Based Learning

Taking a child or teenager out of conventional school life need not mean that one compromises on social exposures. Instead, we will be selective in ensuring:

  • Activities carry specific intentionality
  • Goals of increasing a child’s social belonging & competence

Our curriculum will maintain qualities of Functionality that serves to increase the Quality of Life – in both academic & social environments for students.


Our bespoke program offers these qualities to facilitate cognitive processes:

  1. Restructuring thought processes so the child Learns to Learn
  2. Our team adopts an Israeli based system of learning called Mediated Learning Experience (MLE) that seeks to optimise a child’s learning.
  3. MLE is about “how” the guide seeks to interact to help the child internalise each meaningful experiences.
  4. The child learns to learn through carefully structured tools that enhances cognition and thinking skills.
  5. A successful recipient of mediated learning experience is self-motivated to learn and asks many useful questions to advance his own learning.


Jumpstart the brain with intensive therapy combined with Grade level curriculum

Our bespoke program offers the benefit of incorporating intensive therapy using selected academic curriculum. Our inter-disciplinary team of Speech Language Pathologist, Occupational Therapist, Educational Therapist and Educational Consultant collaborates closely over specific choice of curriculum and IEP goals. The ultimate goal is to close the gap of learning and smoothen the path of integration when the time comes.


Preparing your child to learn emotionally and cognitively:

  • Children with learning needs will often have social emotional upsets. They may have low self-esteem and behavioral challenges that present as obstacles to learning.
  • Our evidence-based socio-emotional regulation curriculum help our students understand their emotions, navigate through social relationships and resolve conflict in healthy ways. Learning is optimised when healthy relationships are built with therapists and peers.


How Schools can Collaborate

Schools who find it difficult to offer an inclusive setting for the student may refer the student to us. Our centre will bridge the gap, and try to work towards partial or full integration back to the same school if this is beneficial.

An inclusion specialist will be able to tailor a programme to help ease the inclusion process effectively upon successful bridging.

How parents can see us

Parents can see us as interventionists who can successfully help to bridge their children’s learning and help integrate them into suitable schools eventually.



9:00am – 2:00pm

Mondays to Fridays*

*Based on the individual needs of the child