Occupational Therapy


Occupational Therapists look deeply into the underlying process involved with physical, sensory and cognitive functions that allow one to actively participate in their life. With insight into how these systems typically develop, an Occupational Therapist can understand difficulties that come up when developmental problems occur, and the impact these have on one’s quality of life. With emphasis on looking beyond the observable behaviour to see the impact of underlying processing, the Occupational Therapy can make long term meaningful change to maximise your child’s engagement with the world around them. The Occupational Therapist works with you and your child, and other professionals involved, to assess and implement therapy aimed at helping your child develop the processing skills they need to actively function in their lives.


Individual Programmes include:

  • Motor Apraxia (Motor planning disorders)
  • Sensory Integration disorder
  • Autism Spectrum Disorder
  • Handwriting difficulties
  • Zones Programme for Self-regulation and attention