Mission and Philosophy


As a centre, our mission is to foster our client’s growth and development so that they will enjoy a high quality of life. We value personal, academic and social success, and we strive to help our clients actively engage in their environment. We understand the importance of supportive guiding relationships, and we seek to use this to facilitate our client’s development, and to support families to foster and use this with their children.

As a team, we value creativity and sensitivity in our work with our clients and each other. We look holistically at the ‘big picture’, and we maintain our integrity while striving to be the best at what we do.


Every child is a unique individual

All children have their own insight and experience the world in their own special way. We believe all children have the will and capacity to share this with us, and work towards facilitating this. Assessment and therapy is carefully planned to work with each child’s individual strengths and challenges, with the ultimate goal to increase their quality of life, and that of their family and community.

Evidence Based Practice

Paramount to our practice is using techniques that have been scientifically proven to be effective. We value keeping our knowledge of the latest tools and research up to date, and continually undertake professional development. The insight from other disciplines and professionals is important to understand our client’s life outside of the clinical sessions, so we strive to integrate our practice with all who work with them, such as teachers and other health professionals. We blend science with art by integrating our collective wisdom gathered through years of experience and insight working with children to ensure that our service is tailored to the needs of each client.

Family Centred Practice

Current scientific research shows us that supportive guiding relationships form the basis for development; firstly from caregivers, and also from significant and supportive adults. For this reason, we value the role that families play in our client’s lives, and work closely with them to ensure they meet their potential and achieve a better quality of life.


We thoughtfully match each client to the right treatment, with the right professional, in the right dosage to help our clients achieve their goals.