The Focus Programme

Students with attention deficiencies often struggle with meeting grade demands. We commonly hear of the following:

  • Inattention, and lack of focus
  • Blurred and sweeping perception (misses details)
  • Unplanned and impulsive behaviour
  • Lack of need for precision and accuracy
  • Poor spatial orientation
  • Egocentric behaviour

The Feuerstein method, invented by Professor Reuven Feuerstein is specially created to help increase cognitive functions through Mediation. Mediation is the polar opposite of computer assisted learning possess the core key value of real and enhanced re-wiring of the brain. A mediated approach places the Cognition Therapist as key to effective treatment. A skilled Cognition Therapist mediates the child by asking targeted questions that facilitate learning, triggering thoughts and shaping thinking skills. The student is helped through specific instruments created by the Institute to achieve goals of:

  • Gaining clear perception
  • Organisation of Space
  • Conservation and Constancy
  • Precision and Accuracy
  • Visual Transportation
  • Summative Behaviour
  • Restraint of Impulsivity
  • Elimination of Trial and Error behaviour
  • Increased sense of competence

Gains in both learning and social behaviour as well as directly in Mathematics based learnings are expected to follow. Conducted in groups of 4 or Individually.


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