Math Essentials for Upper Primary Children

Poor math can be caused by under-developed knowledge of math fundamentals. These abilities are often influenced by weak planning and inadequate conceptual knowledge of quantity, space and time. Sometimes, impulsivity and lack of attention to details can play a part. Our Math Essential Remediation programme targets all those underlying skills a student should have as pre-requisites for successful math learning. Reflective skills are facilitated so as to avoid passive learning. These skills are often assumed to be already present in students when they are not. Run in small groups by Educational Therapists, this series of classes enhances regular math coaching.

Targeted areas:

  • Visualizing techniques for Math comprehension
    • Essential for word problems; number line understanding.
  • Enhancing sensitivities to shapes and parts to whole through training of analytic perception.
    • Pre-requisite skills for model drawings; fractions, percentage and decimals; geometry etc.
  • Planning strategies
    •  Necessary for word problems; sequencing of workings, completion of task within required time.


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