Get into the Zone!

The Zones of Regulation To Foster Self-Regulation & Emotional Control Group is suitable for children six years and older. The group is ideal for children who struggle with anxiety, anger, or finding the right activity level for the tasks they need to do. The group is also suitable for children who have ADHD or Autism. The group is a ten session program.

Over the course of the group your child will learn:

  • How to identify what “zone” their body is in
  • How their zone changes throughout the day
  • Increase their awareness of peer interactions
  • How they can use sensory supports, calming tools and thinking tools to change their zone to where it needs to be
  • What is expected and unexpected behaviour for each zone
  • How their behavior effects how others think and feel
  • What triggers them to change zones
  • How to use a tool box of strategies so they can maintain a calm, alert and regulated state


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