Educational Therapy

Educational Therapists play a special and unique role in our centre. With a background knowledge of typical development and typical learning, our Educational Therapists are specifically trained by our therapy team to understand the underlying neurological and cognitive factors that lead to learning difficulties faced by our clients. By looking deeper into processing and cognition, we provide a more comprehensive service than traditional tutoring, which simply aims at reteaching content missed by the student in school. Whether it’s working with students identified as at-risk of having academic difficulties, or with students who have attention-related issues (e.g. ADHD) that cause gaps in learning, our Educational Therapists work with other therapeutic disciplines and teachers for a perfect solution. Rather than ‘reteaching’ class work, the goal of Educational Therapy is to increase resilience and processing used for literacy and numeracy so your child can learn independently and self-esteem flourishes.  With those facing attention-related difficulties, our Educational Therapists take them through cognitive training that facilitates self-organisation, planning and reflecting – skills that no amount of medication can provide!

Individual Programmes include:

  • Math struggles (Dyscalculia)
  • Literacy difficulties (Dyslexia)
  • Attention difficulties (ADHD, or Executive Function Deficiency)


ET vs Tutoring Table

The table below outlines clearly what Educational Therapy is as compared with traditional tuition. If you are interested in Educational Therapy, or you simply have questions about whether or not Educational Therapy can help your child, please contact Total Communication Therapy.


ET vs Tuition