Conscious Discipline

The Conscious Discipline programme is rolled out to all our students in our morning programmes. This is a programme devised by Dr Becky Bailey, for teaching Emotional Self-Regulation on a daily basis. Students go through a curriculum run in half hour sessions to be acquainted with different feelings and emotions. They learn how to handle and manage these emotions. Our Safe Place is a corner in which children go to experience feeling from an unhappy agitated mode to an emotional equilibrium. There are five principals to this programme:

Emotional Awareness

Students learn to develop awareness of their own feelings and those of with whom they interact.

Emotional Regulation

Students learn to put a pause between impulse and response.

Regulatory Self Talk

Students develop the foundation of empathy toward others and healthy use of regulatory self-talk with the Feelings Buddies.

Focused Attention

Students begin engaging their brains and focusing their attention preparing to classroom environment to learn.

Conflict Resolution

Students are empowered to be helpful instead of hurtful in social interactions as well as follow through with adult guidance