Concepts Abound! (Language)

These weekly sessions run by our Speech Language Therapists aim to keep our young ones stimulated and thinking! Designed for children from ages 5 to 6, the class provides excellent preparatory foundations for those entering formal schooling.

This workshop aims to teach concepts that students may miss out in their daily lives.  Yet, an understanding of concepts is fundamental to learning in formal elementary school. Children listen for the target concepts in the stories, story questions and activity directions. The weekly activities keep our group buzzing with laughter and learning. Children get to learn language through:

  • Creative stories
  • Fun worksheets for following instructions
  • Hands on Activities
  • Progress checking

A total of 86 concepts are taught in forty weekly lessons. There are two activities in each session.  Examples of concepts taught:

  • Next to/away from
  • Forward/backward
  • Half/whole
  • Most/fewest
  • First, next, last
  • And More