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Understanding Attention Difficulties in Children

Understanding Attention Problems:

There are many different reaso

Cultivating Resilience in Children with Attention Difficulties

The school years can be an exciting time for any school kid, yet typical school-related issues like building friendships, following instructions, a

Downward Spiral of Shame – The Deeper Challenges of Reading Difficulties

Difficulty reading is a barrier to learning for many children. Dysfluent, slow and inaccurate reading can be very visible to a child’s peers; and

My kid is poor in Mathematics: Careless mistakes or Attentional issues?

Mathematics is a complex subject which demands vast amount of sustained attention and working memory. A child needs to be able to analyse demands o

Toy Review: Tactilo Loto (Djeco)

This is one of my favourite games to use in my sessions with young children and primary school aged children. The idea of the game is that one uses

Book Review: The RDI Book by Steven E. Gutstein, Ph.D (2009)

The RDI book is a great resource to help you understand more about developmental neurological disorders. While the book has a focus on Autism Spectrum

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 Concepts Abound!
These weekly sessions run by our Speech Language Therapists aim to keep our young ones stimulated and thinking! Designed for children from ages 5 to 6, the class provides excellent preparatory foundations for those entering formal schooling.

Holiday Programme 2016

Our Holiday Intensives are now open for registration. Be sure to book the slots early! Holiday
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